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Welcome to the section of our site that is dedicated to digital marketing for ecommerce.

We understand the importance of performance marketing and a smooth user experience when it comes to selling online. As well as a blend of long-term brand building and sales-driving activity, we understand that security and data also need to be a priority and that your marketing stack needs to work cohesively.

Why digital marketing is important for ecommerce

Ecommerce businesses rely heavily on digital marketing because it’s the easiest way to connect to your target consumer and get them to visit your website or app.

  • Clever use of data and segmentation means that digital marketing is one of the most cost-efficient ways to reach your target consumer.
  • Having end-to-end tracking setup means we can see exactly what does or doesn’t work from a media and marketing perspective. We can also layer in attribution models and different revenue streams.

How to measure eCommerce

Ecommerce and growth hacking is all about constant and consistent analysis and refinement of KPIs. Understanding the metrics used to measure and assess ecommerce is essential and they are often different to those used in other media and sales efforts.

What is CRO?

Conversion Rate Optimisation is all about refining your ecommerce goals. We have access to a range of tools and data that can help give the full story to your consumer journey and ensure you refine what works and remove what doesn’t.


What our eCommerce clients say about us

The recipe box industry is a very competitive market space. We understood that in order to build exposure and stand out from the crowd we needed expert help. Emily and Ollie are both excellent at their jobs and continually keep us updated on campaigns and strategies so we know the best way to move forward. I would have no hesitation recommending Tribe to anyone else looking to improve their search and social media marketing.

Myles Hopper, Mindful Chef

Working with Tribe Digital is always a pleasure. Their dynamic, forward-thinking keeps us ahead of the trends and are always able to advise our team well whilst consistently developing skills within digital marketing. Their reliability & flexibility paired with their expert knowledge and approachable nature makes them a key part of our team at Ladram Bay.

Zoe House, Ladram Bay

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Which digital marketing channels are best for ecommerce?

Awareness of your organisation is obviously key. This usually involves a blend of social media, digital advertising and search marketing. Before investing in paid media though, it’s important to have a very clear vision of who you’re talking to and what you want to talk to them about.

Brands are (understandably) anxious to grow revenue and tend to focus on the task of winning new customers through the channels mentioned above. While important, getting a cold customer is expensive compared to winning back lapsed customers or upselling additional products/services. We find that many ecommerce and subscription models aren’t engaging with email marketing as well as they could or utilising retargeting or sequential messaging with their adverts – these are the perfect channels for helping to convert easy wins and drive revenue with less media investment.

Data is also essential for growing ecommerce businesses. However, the data or analytics used are often not fit for purpose – providing either too much info or not enough. Taking positive action to improve the business therefore becomes difficult. We are seasoned pros at extracting relevant data using our powerful data processing system (more than what you get by simply using Google Analytics) and pulling info from multiple channels (Facebook, GA, Google Ads, Email, etc) and centralising that data in a completely customised report. You can have all the numbers, calculations and metrics needed automatically displayed, exactly as you like.



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Digital marketing for subscriptions

Subscription models are soaring in popularity and are an excellent way to help provide convenience to a consumer while ensuring your next sale is lined up. We understand that removing friction is essential for a successful subscription model and use apps such as ReCharge or WooSubscriptions to help facilitate a subscription feature.

Digital marketing for startups

Startups can rely on digital media for a cost-effective way to build brand awareness and drive performance. We have worked with many young companies that need help establishing their proposition online and are looking to scale their operation.

Let us help you (and your investors!) to expand your business and give it the online presence it deserves.

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