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Targeted advertising in 11 countries & 8 languages

Exeter Academy

Our latest case study provides an overview of how we rolled out targeted advertising in 11 countries & 8 languages for Exeter Academy Language School; generating +757% increase in traffic to their website within 3 months & spending less than £1k in media per month.


Exeter Academy is an English language school that sits in the top 5% of language schools in the UK & specialises in teaching high-level English (e.g. for business) to pupils from all around the globe.

The industry is facing increased competition from the growth of online only language training sites such as LivemochaBusuu – a old client from our London days!

However, there is no substitute for learning face to face with experienced language teachers in a multicultural environment, with a group of pupils having the same goal – to learn a language.

Prior to Tribe coming on board, Exeter Academy had been running small-scale PPC ads in Brazil & Italy. In this industry, the vast majority of revenue stems from long-term relationships with language agencies and years of providing great service and experiences for the students to use in order to progress in business around the globe.

Business Objectives:

A great language school has a diverse blend of students, from different countries. If too many students from the same country/language enroll, then the overall cultural experience is compromised.

Scope: Grow the number of leads & revenue generated from a variety of countries; including new & existing markets:

  • South America: Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Chile
  • Asia: Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand
  • Europe: Spain, Italy, France, Germany

Digital Strategy:



Increase awareness of Exeter Language School in the countries listed through targeted digital advertising.


The website had a translation feature but the translations were automated by Google, therefore the website was not being indexed in any language other than English – so a Spanish student searching in Spanish for an English school would be unlikely to find the website in search.


Measure success based on the increased number of visitors, enquiries & enrollment through the website.


We had a limited budget to reach a large number or individuals. However, we knew that this international audience all had one channel in common: Facebook.

Facebook has the widest reach of nearly any media, therefore it is important to implement various levels of refinement to any campaign in order to avoid wasting media budget

This meticulous targeting was refined further with multiple ad creative for each language, culture & demographic; resulting in over 25+ advert variants all with the same purpose of driving clicks to the website.

Once clicked, the advert drove the user to a basic landing page in the corresponding language.

Portuguese Exeter Academy Advert


From an SEO’s perspective the chance to work on a multilingual site is exciting and complex for a multitude of reasons. If a potential student from Brazil for example, is searching for an English School in the UK they are likely to search in their native language rather than search in the language they want to improve. Unlike a basic English class, students enrolling at Exeter Academy can speak English; the school aims to develop them to an advanced level but they are still likely to search from Brazil in Portuguese.

In order to be visible for ‘escola de idiomas Inglês’ a website needs to have pages created entirely in that native language. We did this by developing the existing English site to incorporate new sections, complete with translated meta data, html tags, page titles, URL structures and content in key languages.

The idea behind this would be that a Portuguese speaker could then enter the site via www.exeteracademy.co.uk/pt/ and have all the information on the school required to then enrol via a Portuguese enrolment form – his / her entire journey could be made on the Portuguese version of the site.

Our client identified the following key languages as having the greatest scope to generate more business and with that organic traffic.

  • Spanish & Portuguese: Biggest crossover with Europe & South American markets
  • Italian: Key market & along with Brazil, is the leading number of conversions from Facebook advertising.
  • Russian: Key search market but difficult to implement Facebook advertising which is why we have focused on this market from a search perspective.

Results & Analytics:

While we have a very detailed spreadsheet itemising the budget, traffic & number of enquiries week to week for each region & for each ad placement – we thought it would be best to share a graph that simplifies this data. It demonstrates conversions of a high value product with one referral potentially resulting in a year-long booking, making these leads highly lucrative.

student enrolments at Exeter Academy