Harrisons of Edinburgh

Social Media Management & Content Creation

Harrisons of Edinburgh

Established in 1863, Harrisons are woollen merchants with a rich history who were looking to make this heritage work more effectively for them online.



Working with Harrison’s to create photographic content for social channels. We recently paid a trip to Saville Row, with the aim of capturing how the clients product is used on this world famous sartorial street.

Botany-in-Tom Sweeney-tailor
Harrisons-archive-flannel-Prince-of-Wales-check-in-dege-&-skinner 90301
Harrisons-archive-flannel-Prince-of-Wales-check-in-dege-&-skinner 90301 + lbd-lining


Working with Harrisons to manage Facebook advertising. We achieve this through identifying customers that previously visited the company website, from which we retarget them with brand messages / bunch videos. This serves to increase awareness and drives additional traffic to the company website.

 Building Influence

Working with Harrisons to increase the number of like on the company Facebook page. During the past 12 months we have grown their following from just under 2,500 to over over 11,500 – and counting. Subsequently this has increased user reach and interaction of our organically posted content.

FB like campaign example