Radiance Medispa

Award-winning aesthetics clinic led by Dr. Ros Debenham.

Radiance Medispa

Radiance MediSpa is based in Exeter & led by Dr. Ros Debenham. It is a multi-award winning salon & clinic, most recently receiving the prestigious Medical Aesthetic Clinic of the Year in the Professional Beauty Awards 2016.

We first started working with Dr. Ros and the team in 2014, providing SEO services. Since then our role has developed and we now manage SEO, content, media planning/buying & PPC. This case study gives an overview of Radiance MediSpa’s business, the objectives that we developed with the team, the strategy we have implemented & the results achieved in the six months we have been working with them.

When we talk about digital marketing, it’s easy to assume that it’s only relevant for those who sell products online and have ecommerce functionality. This is the wrong assumption as this case study for Radiance MediSpa demonstrates.

The Internet has transformed how all businesses are discovered, researched and subsequently valued by prospective customers. This is particularly true of higher value services, where reputation is more important than convenience. Especially when recruiting that all-important new customer.


After 20 years in general practice, Dr Ros Debenham opened the Exeter based Radiance MediSpa in 2013. Radiance MediSpa offers a range of aesthetic treatments; some of which are widely available and highly competitive (e.g. Botox) and some treatments that are exclusively available at Radiance MediSpa, with the closest competitor being in London’s Harley Street.

While aesthetic treatments are core to the business, Radiance MediSpa also offers the complete wellbeing package with a hair salon, fully equipped gym and additional beauty services such as manicures/pedicures, massage and skincare products.

Business Objectives:

  • Ensure Radiance MediSpa is part of the consideration set when a potential new client first starts researching aesthetic treatments online
  • Reach potential clients based elsewhere in the South West who would travel for treatments only licensed in a handful of practices
  • Increase the revenue streams from other services, such as the hair salon

Digital Strategy

While media channels can drive more awareness of a business, this industry is heavily researched before a consultation is even booked. We therefore needed to look at what information the customer was after and ensure that Radiance MediSpa provided it before implementing an awareness campaign.


  • Search: Is the website optimised & visible for all relevant terms to drive traffic from search-centric consumers?
  • User Experience: Ensure the site was as tidy as possible in terms of layout & functionality; did it represent & reflect the quality of the business?
  • Content: Did the website answer questions and surpass expectations in terms of what the user wanted to know?


  • Advertising: Was the current media plan reaching the right audience and making the budget work hard for the business?


  • Reports: How we tracked the impact of our work as used this to refine media spend going forward.


The example (below) is driven by on-page SEO best practice. SEO (when done correctly!) is a blend of technical and content led changes to your site that culminate in high quality search results. These search results provide more relevant information and therefore a better user experience before your potential customer even gets to your website. This helped increase the click through rate (CTR) to Botox pages – please refer to Botox page views diagram.

Keyword research ensures that the correct keyword terms that are relevant to a page (such as Botox) are featured in that page’s search results and this is combined with our next example (content) to indicate to a search engine what the page is offering. Doing this methodically throughout every page ensures that search engines can rank our clients site effectively.

google rankings for Botox exeter


The Aesthetics industry is a mixture of highly trained professionals and unlicensed practitioners. Therefore, research to find the best in the industry is crucial and most people do this research through the Internet. We therefore wanted to provide all of the information that is usually searched for and curate it in a way that ensured Radiance MediSpa is portrayed as the professional, highly skilled and knowledgeable clinic that it is.


In order to do this, we needed to work closely with Dr. Ros Debenham and her team because no web developer or digital marketer can be expected to create informative content a high level without a credible source.

Our first step was to ensure each treatment page was the best it could be. We created a template in order to ensure each treatment specific page adhered to a formula of questions based on those which were most asked when in a consultation and searched for online. This was further supplemented (where relevant) with images and videos. The result? Providing a high level of service and information before a customer even steps through the door.

Radiance MediSpa Thermage treatment page

This formulaic approach to treatments has seen the page views to aesthetic treatments increase from 2,263 in October 2014 to 4,333 in January 2015 – as illustrated in the below diagram.

Radiance MediSpa key treatments services pages

Key treatment types pageviews from October 2014 – January 2015

When we look at individual treatment pages during the same time period, we can see how increased relevance & targeting had a big impact on page views. Botox page views increased from 163 to 534 (+227%), with direct entrances (entering the site via a specific page rather than the homepage) increasing from 81 to 212 – a solid indicator that keyword visibility is increasing with our content expansion.

Radiance Botox page view stats

Botox pageviews from September 2014 – January 2015

Going forward when this process is applied to a new treatment, we can quickly roll out a successful content plan. Once the fundamental content is in place, pages can be supported with rich media (videos & images), advertising and off-page link building to quickly gain visibility, visitors and new enquiries.

Radiance MediSpa laser teeth whitening statistics

New Treatments: Teeth Whitening pageviews from October 2014 – January 2015

The homepage is the most popular destination for every client we work with, it’s a businesses first impression, the portal to pages deeper in your site and will account for how most of the general public view your business. Get this part right and a greater number of people will view more of your content more frequently.

Homepage views and entrances Radiance MediSpa

Total & homepage – pageviews from August 2014 – January 2015

Traffic has doubled in just a few months, with the quality of that traffic becoming increasingly relevant by reaching the right people with the right information before they even click onto the website. Richer content helps to build up this audience’s loyalty and trust, which has resulted in more bookings.

Facebook Advertising

Before the widespread use of the Internet, small to medium sized businesses (SME’s) might have used a combination of free ads, yellow pages and local radio/press to get by. Even up until 2010 few SME’s would use digital channels like PPC advertising.

A lot of business in Exeter focus their attention on print media but this is not the only way to target regionally. We chose to use a blend of different Facebook Advertising products because of the targeting, quick turnaround and ability to profile a potential customer.

Scope of Work: Grow Radiance MediSpa Facebook page, ensuring new followers are relevant to therefore increase the organic reach of Facebook content long-term.

  • Short-term ‘Like’ campaign using demographic, interest & geographic targeting.
  • 500 followers to 2,100 followers from the Exeter area.

Increase reach of content posted on the website.

  • Promote key posts to select audience.
  • Optimise future campaigns by the audience targeting that performs best.

Strengthen the brand & awareness of what Radiance MediSpa had to offer.

  • Use a blend of image & video content for general awareness to key demographic
  • Focus on key treatments by cost effectively driving clicks directly to the website, bypassing the RMS brand page.

Facebook advertising can be wasteful but when set up correctly and with the right planning, it allowed us to reach 1,000 people with an advert for as low as 0.03p and 0.01p per video view. Getting great results helps when you have strong video content, which is often easier to make than you think.

Radiance MediSpa social facebook advert example

In the beauty industry January is often a quieter month, as people seek treatments in the run up to Christmas. During these quieter periods of the year using paid advertising to promote your expertise (as opposed to services) can be very effective. Tribe Digital tested this by using a time relevant promoted post to promote ‘weight loss tips’ on the first working week of 2015. This post subsequently become the third most viewed page on the website after the homepage and Botox pages.

Month on month data

Facebook Month vs. Non-Facebook Month: January 2015 vs. October 2014

The screenshot above shows analytics data of October 2014 vs. January 2014 and highlights the impact (see blue spike) that carefully planned cross channel advertising can have on web traffic.

Our advertising was targeted, relevant and didn’t have a hard sell message; instead it encouraged people to read the new post via the Radiance MediSpa blog. From this visitors could go beyond treatments and explore key industry content pillars around the following topics:

  • Beauty Tutorials
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Dietary Advice
  • Fitness & Training Tips
  • Hair
  • News
  • Tutorials (general)

The blog is the area of the site where Dr Ros and the Radiance MediSpa team can go beyond products, in a way that demonstrates their expertise, passion for sharing that knowledge and ultimately give potential customers as much information about any treatment they may (or may not) have.

We hope our approach illustrates that digital marketing isn’t a one size fits all approach and that there needs to be a blend of channel activity in place to create any successful campaign – which bring us on to our last point, how do you know if all of the above are working for you?


You can be doing great campaigns that people click on, engage with and book via, but without having a means of tracking your work it is difficult to improve campaigns going forward. The data shown previously in this case study highlights improvements that have been made, but the next step is knowing the business that activity generates.

Creating a means of tracking enquiries month-to-month has provided a way of knowing whether particular promotions and channel activity is working. Since the new site launched in late August online enquiries have grown encouragingly.

The diagram below shows the month on month online inquires generated from setup at the end of August, to January 2015.

Online enquiries Radiance MediSpa

Online Enquires from August 2014 – January 2015

In December, traffic dipped due to the busy festive season when people are focused on other things but quickly picked up again in January. These seasonal trends are now recorded and can be used when we plan activity throughout 2015. The more insights we can collect from long-term plans rather than reactive short-term campaigns, means we can continue to improve efficiency.

What’s Next?

While the website has undergone a lot of change, we continually seek to keep improving it. The Internet evolves so quickly that there is always more content to add and new ways to deliver it to potential customers. It is not only the Internet that evolves, as a society our expectations of what websites offer continues to grow and businesses need to reflect this.

To date SEO has been very effective but we’re currently testing PPC and rolling out a longer-term social advertising plan given the amazing value we had from the two short bursts pre & post Christmas 2014, then its on to re-targeting…

  • I always say “ You don’t know what you don’t know” & when it comes to digital marketing Emily & Ollie were able to explain what they could do for our business & how in a very easily understood manner. The follow up & reporting along the way have given us the confidence to continue with them. We have had amazing exposure & our business has really taken off.
    Radiance MediSpaRadiance MediSpaDr. Ros Debenham, Owner