Tracks Suzuki

Increasing car test drive enquiries with PPC & SEO

Tracks Suzuki

This case study demonstrates how a franchised Suzuki dealership used SEO & PPC to increase year on year enquires  from 13 to 35 for £14.84 per conversion over a six week period.

When it comes to cars, Exeter is utterly unique. Marsh Barton industrial estate is the most concentrated area for car dealerships in Europe with virtually every major franchise dealer being situated within a 2 mile radius of each other. This makes Marsh Barton the ‘go-to’ place for new & used cars, however it also means that dealerships face much higher competition; especially within the affordable, mass automotive market.

For new cars there are several key times during the year, these are March and September (new car registrations) and the intermittent launches of new models and manufacturer led discounts.


Tracks Suzuki has dealerships in Exeter and Taunton and are the largest Suzuki group in the South West of England. Established in 1994, they have always been early adopters of technology such as Auto Trade Mail (a trade stock purchasing system) and Auto Trader, which rapidly changed how used cars are purchased and how the general public research vehicles online before entering a showroom.

new tracks suzuki website

Tracks Suzuki recently invested in a new bespoke website which typically lists around 70 – 80 used cars at any time. Used car listings feature local and price schema mark-up to create SEO best practice search results and maximize organic search click through rates.

Business Objectives:

With a regularly updated website, the goal was to increase the number of people from the South West visiting the home & new car pages, with the ultimate aim to grow conversions for test drive bookings.



Tracks Suzuki have good visibility  nationally for top line Suzuki search terms (eg: Suzuki cars / Suzuki dealers) and some model specific terms (eg: new Jimny). However with new models frequently being released (eg: new SX4 S-cross), strong competitor PPC bidding from national online car dealers and highly visible industry news sites – being visible to capture potential customers is often difficult.


Digital Strategy

After property, cars are likely to be the second largest purchase a typical family makes. Subsequently extensive research, multiple test-drives and a degree of deliberation is involved as customers shop around to find what is right for them. The website already provided a great source of information which was curated with optimal user experience in mind – the tricky part was getting people to see that information.

On-site SEO improvements had been implemented in September 2014 but this relatively small site was struggling to compete for some key terms. Pay per click was the best media choice for capturing customers where organic visibility was limited.

Tactics & Results

    • Keep PPC spend minimal by focusing on the most sought after and competitive models of Suzuki
    • Provide evidence that media spend has a return on investment through the generation of conversions (online enquiries)
    • Establish a system for monitoring results and tie this in with wider traffic analytics for Tracks Suzuki.

Pay Per Click topline insights:
  • 650 website clicks
  • Total impressions 93,000
  • Online enquires: 18
  • Average click-conversion rate: 3.14%
  • PPC media cost per enquiry: £14.84
  • Ads by device type: desktop 56% / mobile: 16% / tablet:29%

Below is the Ad campaign dashboard for 3 of the campaigns run, we’ve omitted a few of the finer details for obvious reasons.

Analytics insights:

Tracks had a solid means for capturing enquiries and telephone calls via their website, but weren’t applying that information to further their digital marketing. We went back through their data and combined their methodical approach to enquiries to historic analytics data.


The chart above shows YOY changes in online enquiries from November – March

Total traffic has consistently improved with the biggest YOY increase (38%) occurring during the PPC campaign during November 2014. With the exception of December 2014 (-27%) and January 2015 (0%) online enquiries have seen significant YOY improvements of 62%, 73% and 91%.

Using data to save money:

Historical data tells us that enquiries and traffic historically dip during December (see dip in the graph – below), as a result PPC was turned off during this month to avoid uncessary spending. Instead SEO recommendations were put forward to the web developer for Suzuki used model landing pages (eg:

This would serve 3 purposes:

  1. Improve user experience – quicker and more specific filtering options.
  2. Increase Tracks Suzuki’s quality score (PPC page relevancy) in future campaigns.
  3. Most importantly it would create a URL and content structure that would enable the site to rank for key used car terms (eg: ‘used suzuki vitara’).

Since the implementation of these pages in December the site has seen a significant increase in traffic during January, February and March 2015. Analytics also tells us the number of visitors to used car pages has increased by 20% and entrances into the site via these pages have increased by 33% – a solid indication for improved keyword visibility.


It’s difficult to track all enquiries because there is often a break in tracking when customers choose to call instead of enquire via the website. However historic call data illustrates that there has also been an uplift in the number of telephone enquiries via the websites unique number. From this we can presume more people have found the information they were looking for and have chosen to find out more.


The chart above shows YOY total telephone enquiries from November 2013 – March 2015

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