We first moved down to Exeter from London in October 2014 with the ambition to bring digital marketing to the South West and provide the latest insights, strategy and client service we felt simply wasn’t being offered at the time. We had never worked for ourselves before, we had never had to pitch for work without the support and resources of a broader team and we had certainly never touched basic business acumen, accountancy or I.T. It was more than a little risky but the desire to “go for it” was too compelling.

Roll on to the end of 2019 and we still have the original clients we started working with when we first made our move back to Exeter (a massive thanks to the teams at Radiance MediSpa and Ladram Bay!) We have consistently grown our portfolio, product offering and over the past five years, helped to establish over 40 businesses online through a combination of consultancy and retained work. We’ve proudly helped to recruit digital marketing teams, develop digital visual identities, write comprehensive strategies and media plans, launch social channels, manage ad campaigns, get websites redesigned and ranking, consult on projects or advise on design –  it’s only by looking back on it all, that we can see how far we have come.


Thank you to each and every client that took a chance on us, stuck with us and has recommended us. Without your business, we simply wouldn’t be where we are now and we have some very exciting plans in place to strengthen our service to you.


As many of our clients know, we spent the first five years of Tribe Digital working from home and with just the two of us running the business. We recognise that this wasn’t good long-term, especially as our partners were growing their businesses and needed a more professional service from us. Therefore we have recently relocated to offices on Exeter Quay and we’re investing in new team members so that you can have more digital talent supporting your business objectives.

Our first hire is a Digital Design specialist called Rachel Oke. Her background is in graphic design, motion graphics and user experience. She has an exceptional academic background and a brilliant can-do attitude. We are very excited to offer a new level of service which now includes design and this will be particularly relevant for all clients looking to develop their social media content, animated video content (e.g. explainer videos) or website design.

We’re also hoping to add another executive and an assistant over the next 12 months – we’re nothing if not ambitious!


As we have decided to grow our team, we have also had to think about what we can offer and what we want to represent in an increasingly competitive market where digital marketing skills are far more widely available than they were when we began. So here is our promise to you, our clients:

  • We will always endeavour to bring the latest digital best practice to you. Our worst nightmare is to deliver generic (or worse, out of date) advice to you.
  • We will always strive to have a service orientated business, where we can work collaboratively and efficiently with you in order to deliver the best work possible.
  • We will always listen to you and provide the boutique consultancy experience. You will never find cookie-cutter marketing or short-cuts that benefit our processes rather than your business.
  • We will always stay true to the consumer experience and consider the clients setup or budget constraints to ensure relevant ideas and practical solutions are offered.

We are also aiming to share our knowledge and educate our audiences on key digital marketing topics, ecommerce solutions and the latest innovations in the digital landscape so make sure that you are signed up to our email list. Wishing you all a super-successful 2020 – Here’s to the next five years!

Ollie & Emily