Often businesses focus on only one digital channel simply because technology platforms change so quickly small businesses cannot keep pace, nor can they afford to employ a dedicated marketing expert. But don’t worry, we’re here to help navigate the terminology and give you the big picture on what digital marketing is all about.

In this post we look at why digital marketing is more than just social or SEO and needs to be approached with consideration for all channels.


To help you quickly decifer the role and potential of each digital channel, we’ve put together an infographic outlining four principle means for any business to reach new or existing customers. To view the original image please click here.

If you’re thinking ‘where’s email marketing?’ we’ve purposefully left this out for the sake of simplicity but contact us if you want to talk email

This infographic is part of a business presentation guide be held at Radiance Business on the evening of Feb 12th 2015 for more infomation on any of the content covered please feel free to contact us today.