Project Description

Tracks Suzuki approached us with the idea of developing an animated explainer video to help communicate their Lifetime Warranty which is a unique proposition that only Tracks offer within the Suzuki franchise. This project utilised Rachel’s graphic design and animation skills, as well as storyboard experience and knowledge of both organic and paid social media to produce engaging content and quick production motion graphics.

The Brief

The brief was to create a short explainer video to advertise and inform customers about the Tracks Suzuki Lifetime Warranty. A completely free warranty included in every car sales deal which covers things such as safety systems and electrical components. They wanted a fun and friendly way to share info to their clients on what could be thought of as a quite dry subject. Harry at Tracks already had a drafted script and a rough idea of how they wanted the story to be told, it was our task to bring this to life!


Rachel began the storyboarding process in illustrator. Roughly sketching out the different frames of the animation, considering how each scene was going to take shape and the position and actions of the characters involved.

These sketches were then used to create the initial storyboard. Each frame was supported with action notes to give the client an understanding of the characters movements and the transitions between the scenes, along with the voiceover notes based on the script provided.

We also provided the client with a moodboard of three illustration styles. This was to give them an idea of the look and feel we could apply to the animation.


Scene and Car Illustrations

Once the client was happy with the flow of the animation, the framework of the story and we had determined the visual style they were after – we moved onto illustrating the scene.


Character Design

The Suzuki salesmen characters were also based on the real staff at the Exeter branch. The characters were given subtle facial expression animations to add friendliness and interest.

suzuki salesman

The Final Video

The video is going to be used in performance media and as a hero asset on the website. So far, its proved far more effective than a static image advert and has provided their website with rich content to help encourage longer dwell times and better product education.

If you’re looking for a similar animated explainer video or motion graphics solution, please get in touch or browse our design and creative pages for more inspiration.