Stuck on social media or perhaps you’re just starting out. These are our top 10 do’s & don’ts for how to get the best out of social media platforms.

  1. Don’t forget that to win in social, you must be social. Talk to people – offer advice, help, thanks, comments on mutual subjects
  2. Don’t post for the likes (stop putting up the same flat lays, random memes or viral content, just because) It’s a short term hit and Instagram are dropping likes anyway
  3. Do keep things relevant about what you do, keep your content focused so that your audience know what to expect when they follow you
  4. Do prepare in advance – planning will help ensure you don’t run out and get the most from your copy
  5. Do get into the habit of setting up content and documenting what you do rather than focusing on producing 
  6. Don’t pay for social advertising unless you understand how they work. This will waste you a lot of money – make sure you do it well or speak to someone who knows how they operate if you’re going 
  7. Do keep it consistent; posting less often, regularly is better than posting a lot one week & nothing the next
  8. Don’t stop just because you don’t high engagement straight away – building an authentic following takes time, this is a long-term game
  9. Do turn macro content into micro content when possible
  10. Do remember that published is better than perfect but published isn’t better that good – are you better or worse than your competitors?