Remarketing (also known as retargeting) is a digital marketing strategy that involves serving highly targeted ads to users who have already visited or taken a specific action (eg: added a item to basket) on your website. Remarketing can be rolled out on YouTube, Google Ads or applied to Facebook and Instagram.


Retargeting is essential for ecommerce as we’re often distracted when browsing. Reminding your audience about your product and prompting them to purchase when they have demonstrated high intent is a key element of the online purchasing  funnel.


The wrong adverts served to the right audience won’t have the results that you’re after. We have a lot of experience with digital media creative and know what needs to go on the advert to make it standout, incite action and be highly relevant to the consumer.


Retargeting relies on filtering data to ensure you reach the correct audience, with the best advert, at a granular level. We are experts at sequential retargeting and analysing the consumer journey so that we reach the right people with the right message.

Why is remarketing useful?

Retargeting is a useful tool for serving highly relevant adverts that can help convert users to purchase or take action. By using data intelligently, we can tailor creative and copy to exact phase of the consumer journey and ensuring we are only passing on relevant information to the customer. This is good because by keeping ads relevant, they are more likely to be interacted with, which is means the advertiser is getting good value from their media investment.

The power of the pixel

Retargeting is made possible using a pixel, which is simply a javascript tag that is placed in certain areas of a website and allows us to track specific user actions. These include actions on the website such as clicks, adds to cart, completed checkouts and time spent on a page. Based on the user behaviour across your website, we can create custom audiences with specific product images, copy and calls to action.

Retargeting is one of the most effective ways you can capture sales from users that already have high intent to purchase. We ensure our adverts are relevant, engaging and an effective element of your media plan.