Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of generating sales, improving customer experience & reaching specific audiences both existing & new. Tribe Digital work with companies to improve their email marketing through intelligent audience segmentation & creative email designs.

Audience Segmentation

Unlock the potential of email data. Email is a key element of digital marketing, we can work with you to help understand your data and leverage it more effectively. Email marketing can be as simple as collecting a user email address from a website signup form. It can also be more complex, with options to segment an audience by age, purchase history, average order values and lapsed customers.

The more a business knows about their existing customers, the greater the ability to deliver emails which improve that customers experience at scale.

Automated Emails

Send emails with the right message at the right time in the at the right moment to increase sales & user experience. Tribe Digital help businesses effectively use automated email, generating more sales, more conversations and improve the post-purchase experience.

What to learn more about email automation?

If you enter your email address in the signup box you will receive an automated welcome email from Tribe Digital welcoming you to our mailing list. Tribe Digital can apply this principle to the following scenarios…