Performance Media

Performance media is advertising that is directly attributed to getting results. We can work across multiple performance platforms and international markets or territories to drive down your Cost-Per-Acquisition or refine your ROI.


Cost Per Click/Lead

We have an excellent track record for spotting opportunities where others didn’t to help drive long-term value and refine campaigns.


Social Media Advertising

Retargeting, sequential messaging, product feeds, user experience. Get more than a boosted post with your social ads.

Analytics & CRO

Why drive traffic that doesn’t convert? Even small changes to your landing pages can have a big impact.

What is Performance Media or Acquisition Marketing?

Performance media is advertising that is directly attributed to getting results. Advertising is tracked and evaluated based on key measurements such as clicks, sales, app downloads or email signups for example. Unlike a brand awareness campaign which is usually measured on reach and engagement – performance marketing requires lots of ongoing refinement and optimisation.

The key platforms for delivering performance media are social media platforms such as Facebook, the Google Ad platform, display networks and affiliate marketing.

Integrated Analytics

Google Ads integrates with other products such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Webmaster Tools and Google Merchant Centre. These platforms enable the creation of specific audiences for remarketing, product data feeds and granular ecommerce attribution.

Scalable Budgets

We’re used to working with budgets of all sizes to deliver results. The beauty of Google Ads is that the production cost is relatively low and they can be switched off or scaled up at short notice. We do recommend, as with all digital marketing that you try to keep it consistent.


PPC is short for Pay-Per-Click; text adverts that are visible for relevant, pre-agreed search terms or keywords and you only pay the media cost if someone clicks on the ad. This format is particularly useful for service based businesses. This search tactic gives you a lot of control on what you are visible for but it must be consistently optimised from a copy-writing and bid-management perspective in order to remain cost-efficient and effective.

Youtube Advertising

YouTube established itself as the leading video content website in 2005. Combined with the soaring popularity of video content due to other social media platforms and consumer expectation from brands & influencers to produce video content. Youtube is now the second largest search engine behind it’s parent company Google and data sharing between the platforms allows for highly targeted video content.

Google Shopping

Google shopping is a great search marketing tactic for ecommerce businesses. It works in a similar way to PPC, except there is a photo of your product instead of text. Unlike PPC, visibility is not guided by specific keywords or search terms. Instead the relevancy of your product is decided by Google based on how your product has been categorised and set up in a platform called Google Merchant Centre.

Google Display Network (GDN)

The Google Display Network (GDN) is an advertising network that enables you to reach over 2 millions users with targeted display advertising. You can target based on interests, demographic or ecommerce stage using remarketing audience. The platform works by website owners ‘selling’ space on their sites which advertising networks buy, from here to serve adverts to the visitors to those websites.

Facebook & Instagram

Social media advertising across the Facebook ad network is a great value way to drive acquisition and grow you social footprint. We add value by developing tailored messaging for specific segments and audiences.


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