An SEO audit is a full analysis of all the factors that can affect a website’s visibility and performance in search engines. An audit is a great place to start if you have never invested resources into SEO before or if you haven’t updated your website for awhile. We also take a look a look at the competition aren’t racing towards a better ranking than you. 


An SEO audit should be a regular check up on your website to ensure it’s performing it’s best for search engines. We look at on-page SEO, off-page SEO and the latest updates to ensure your site still has relevance and authority. We also check that there are no major issues with existing content such as broken links and that it is still secure, fast and easy to use for the user.



If SEO is a key part of your digital marketing strategy, regular SEO audits will ensure that you’re not falling behind. The key benefits of a regular SEO audit include:

  • Check that competitors are not gaining traction
  • Ensuring content remains relevant and up-to-date for users
  • Internal link-building opportunities are maintained and remain consistent
  • Your website structure remains compliant with Google Webmaster Guidelines, to avoid potential penalties


How often you should have an SEO audit depends on how much your business depends on organic traffic, the size and complexity of your website and what your competitive landscape is like. Generally, we would recommend a detailed look at least once a year but if you have a website with many pages, you would probably benefit from a mid-level review every six months or even an ongoing monthly audit to check nothing major has taken place.


SEO audits can be large projects or regular monthly checks. Small updates undertaken regularly are generally easier to maintain – and therefore less expensive – than big projects that are undertaken once every few years. If you think you need some SEO help, please get in touch.

SEO Retainer

  • Ongoing SEO maintenance
  • Content updates & recommendations
  • Suitable for all businesses

SEO Audit

from£1200per project
  • In-depth SEO audit
  • On-page, off-page, competitor analysis, technical changes & content recommendations
  • Suitable for business that have not done SEO before or updated for a year or more

SEO Consultancy

from£50per hour
  • Guides for in-house teams
  • Content best-practice workshops
  • Technical help


Tribe Digital helped me set up a new website, which has been very successful for my company. Ollie was very efficient and helpful and assisted me throughout the process. Whenever I need to make further improvements they act swiftly and effectively’.

Paul Dowen - East Devon Surveyors

Myles Hopper Website Testimonial Image

The recipe box industry is a very competitive market space. We understood that in order to build exposure and stand out from the crowd we needed expert help. Emily and Ollie are both excellent at their jobs and continually keep us updated on campaigns and strategies so we know the best way to move forward. I would have no hesitation recommending Tribe to anyone else looking to improve their search and social media marketing.

Myles Hopper - Mindful Chef

Dr Ros Debenham Testimonial Profile

I always say “ You don’t know what you don’t know” & when it comes to digital marketing Emily & Ollie were able to explain what they could do for our business & how in a very easily understood manner. The follow up & reporting along the way have given us the confidence to continue with them. We have had amazing exposure & our business has really taken off.

Ros Debenham - Radiance MediSpa