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Social media should be just that, social. We prefer to avoid simply out-spending the competition and to really think about how you can engage and converse with your audience with effective social media marketing.

Social media

Social media advertising is an essential element of social media marketing. We have been planning campaigns and optimising budgets in paid social since 2010.

Social media

Social media management refers to how you effectively manage a brands social media channels. This can be done in-house, with input from an agency or total outsourced.


Content underpins all aspects of digital marketing. It has become synonymous with the online experience – it’s what we watch, listen to, read – what we engage with.


Tell me more about social media marketing

Organic reach for brands on social media is like water in a desert – essential but hard to find. In order to maximise organic visibility in newsfeeds, there needs to be a clear content marketing strategy and paid social media support. We know it can be overwhelming to know where to start or how to allocate resources when you’re on a budget but we’re experts in establishing social media platforms and creating a community that will spread the word of your business.


It’s estimated that only 6% of a Facebook page’s total fans will see organic content and that Instagram users will miss 70% of their total feed. We can help amplify your message so it has greater visibility & engagement.


Engagement is what ensures your advertising stays relevant. More eyes on your message is useless if they aren’t the right audience. We look at how people react, what they’re doing and optimise accordingly.


Action off the back of your advert is usually the main objective, whether it’s a sale, booking or enquiry. We can help to drive conversion with data insights, using tactical placements and cost efficient formats.


What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is essentially using the social media platforms we have in our personal lives for commercial benefits. We’ve been helping brands navigate social, combining leading research with technical know-how to deliver social-first strategies and campaigns. Social media is not instantaneous, it’s a long term investment in building your community, engaging with it consistently and cultivating an audience that is loyal to your brand/product/vision. Social media can be frustrating and time consuming from a business perspective but if you stick with it, it can also be your best business asset.

How can I grow my social media channels?

This is one of our most commonly asked questions. There is no magic formula that can deliver 10,000 quality followers quickly BUT there are ways you can get there a little faster. It essentially boils down to three key components:


It’s very hard to fake authenticity & win long term as a brand on social media. You can’t appeal to everyone so stop trying. Instead, make sure you really appeal to that smaller, more niche group that really matter because these are the people who will become a valuable part of your online community. Authenticity comes from having the confidence to be true to the business values regardless of broader trends and external societal pressures. So don’t post something just because you think you should, post it because that image is truly relevant to your ethos. Your content should always relate back to your specific business so that your audience knows what to expect and understand why they are following you.


Succeeding in social media is also about consistency. Consistency with the quantity you post and the quality of what you post. Posting content on a regular schedule not only helps your profile rank on the algorithm but it also keeps your audience informed on a regular basis. The hard part is coming up with good quality content on a regular basis, this is where defining your visual identity becomes useful. Having a clear visual aesthetic will help you know immediately if something is or isn’t relevant for your brand. It’s better to post three times a week with good content than to post everyday with mediocre drivel.


So you’re posting quality content on a regular basis but you’re stuck in a rut with who is seeing it. This is because less than 20% of all the content published by people that we follow is actually seen by us and this is where hashtags and social media advertising come in. Getting more people to see your content by paying for impressions is now essential for growing a channel. Money alone won’t help you though, we also always need to consider authenticity and consistency.

We can help you to audit, strategise and create your content calendar, as well as assist with the implementation and management of social media. If you want to take this in house, Tribe Digital can provide full social media training from the basic skills of social media, producing best practice guidelines to the more advanced social strategies. Alternatively, we can help with resourcing and keep your pages ticking along.

Globally internet users spend an average of 2 hours 22 minutes per day on social networks or messaging services. Source: Global Web Index


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When we launched DOSE our google presence was poor and web traffic was slow. Between‪ Nov 18 – Oct 19‬, our organic traffic increased by 321% thanks to Em & Ol! The dynamic duo came to us at just the right time – equipping us with a toolkit for success that has changed our business for the better.

Hettie Holmes, DOSE

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