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Your web analytics are important, regardless of the size of your business. Website analytics provide you with visitors’ data which can be used to optimise your website UX, produce relevant content for search marketing and adjust advertising strategy to reflect user behaviour.

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Usually there are several other sources of data that need to be analysed alongside your website analytics. These include email tracking, advertising and social media data. We can aggregate data and pull it into a streamlined, tailored report using premium analytics software. Being able to identify what users are doing on your website and which channels are the most valuable, enables a business to make intelligent decisions that grow your digital footprint and ultimately produce more high quality leads, sales or subscriptions.

Tracking Setup

Whether you are generating leads or running a subscription model business, we can help set up tracking for effective monitoring of your firm’s ROI.


Improving the quality of visitors, the volume of sales and revenue then building on this to understanding the behaviour of users that didn’t purchase.


Dashboards that are highly customisable, functional and easy for you to use. Take the hassle out of reporting by pulling your data into a single location.


32% of marketers say visual images are the most important form of content for their businesses.

Source: HubSpot

Tell me more about analytics and reporting

Everyone has Analytics, but not everyone is really using Analytics. Whether you’re looking for training or consultancy, we can help you make the most of the data available by ensuring it is tracking conversions and key events correctly.

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO)

Make the most of every click. While your marketing campaigns can be used to drive consumers to your website at the right time, that’s only half the story. We make it as easy as possible for customers to buy your product by looking at the whole customer journey and spotting any barriers that make it difficult for people to convert. We then create testing hypotheses, through data analysis, user testing and experiences. We will then follow up with A/B testing to investigate what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t.

We will start by doing a conversion review to examine WHAT is happening on your website. Perhaps you have a large percentage of drops offs on your basket page or a high bounce rate from advertising. We will look into WHY these patterns of behaviour are occurring and recommend what you should do about them.

Landing pages are often a key part of expanding the website for SEO but they should also be considered for paid media purposes. After all, first impressions count and a well optimised set of landing pages can make all the difference.

Analytics setup or audit?


Poorly implemented analytics means poor visibility on website performance. We’ll go through your implementation of Google Analytics with a fine tooth comb and make sure everything’s as it should be. We’ll also check that Google Search Console (webmaster tools) are in place and that anything such as subscription models or last-click attribution are being tracked as they should be.

Google Tag Manager


Google Analytics can provide a business with lot of the great insights but for some more complex tracking requirements Google Tag Manager is the preferred method. GTM works by tagging your site in conjunction with Google Analytics, enabling us to gather much more data – particularly useful when you want to know if items are being removed from a shopping cart.

Dynamic custom reporting


It’s one thing collecting data, it’s another thing using that data effectively and displaying it in a way that is clear to the client. Each client will have different KPI’s and advertising channels driving those KPI’s, that’s why each reporting template we create is bespoke to a client. Our reporting dashboards update in real time and can be access by the client wherever they are. Sounds pretty great, right? We help our clients understand their dashboards and use the data for future campaigns and website changes.


What our clients say about us

When we launched DOSE our google presence was poor and web traffic was slow. Between‪ Nov 18 – Oct 19‬, our organic traffic increased by 321% thanks to Em & Ol! The dynamic duo came to us at just the right time – equipping us with a toolkit for success that has changed our business for the better.

Hettie Holmes, DOSE

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